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Enterprise is holding a free webinar on many different topics, which you can view anytime and anywhere, to inform and support nurses during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaor.

There are 7 Webinars in the Covid 19 Series.



ANA Enterprise offers the following free tools that support mental health and resilience that all nurses can benefit from on its website.

Connect Through Conversation Program

Virtual meetings are organized for nurses to talk, share and support each other with their peers during these challenging epidemic times.

Moodfit Mobile Application

Self-care in the epidemic is critical for nurses. The Moodfit app supports many aspects of your overall health by allowing you to set personal goals for exercise, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness, track your progress and set appropriate event reminders.

Happy App

Happy app has been specially adapted for nurses while managing the stress, anxiety, fear and isolation of frontline work.

With the comfort and privacy of your home, Support Giver offers its team members the opportunity to talk one-on-one, 24/7.

Expressive Writing

Helps process your experiences with COVID-19 in your mind with this five-week guided narrative writing program.

Mental Health Support Services

Looking for help and not sure where to start? While this guide provides you with the support you need, it reminds you that you are not alone.

Coronavirus Online Therapy

Scheduled sessions with therapists who offer short-term low-cost online sessions to frontline workers.

Give an Hour

The One-Hour Hospital Heroes Program provides six hours of free, confidential, mental health support to all hospital staff and their loved ones.

Financial Support Campaign

The Nurses House was established to help nurses affected by COVID-19 across the country. A national fund.

ICN hosted two webinars on March 27 to update national nursing associations on the latest developments in COVID-19.

The webinars were chaired by president Annette

Kennedy and CEO Howard Catton, attended by WHO nurse head Elizabeth Iro. First webinar focused on Asia, second webinar focused on Europe and Asia.

ICN held a webinar with a group of 600 international leading nurses and midwives on June 20 to summarize the measures to be taken to protect nurses and midwives and strengthen post-COVID-19 professions.

The implementation of the recommendations of the first report of WHO’s World Nursing, supporting leadership, education and training in both professions and keeping healthcare workers safe in the context of Covid-19 were discussed.

Thank a Nurse

The Canadian Nurses Association continues a thank you campaign to recognize nurses and their families’ efforts to respond to COVID-19.

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