ANA 2020 National Nursing Week Webinar: Speak Up – Use Storytelling to Improve Nursing What Did We Learn in the Webinar?

Nurses’ stories are informative, inspiring, and healing, so ANA launched Storytelling as an important initiative during the Year of the Nurse and Midwife.

You live in history today and your experiences will affect the future of the nursing profession. You are making the difference during this unprecedented global pandemic, and you have stories to share that show your resilience, your stress, your hope and your support.

In the Webinar, the master storyteller and photo ethnographer Carolyn Jones talked about what to look for when sharing our stories.

Six Secrets of Great Storytelling

1- Storytelling gives us the chance to put ourselves into each others shoes.
2- A good story is messured by how much love and passion the narrator feels.
3- Aaron Sorkin says that every great story has its intention and its obstacle. Someone wants something and another thing tries to put a stone in front of it in getting it.
4- The biggest obstacle is that we think we’re not good at it, but we all tell stories – you already do.
5- The best advice for telling a better story is to remember why you are telling the story in the first place.
6- We live in this world, we are more hungry than ever to listen to human experiences.

You can use these techniques in a variety of settings, such as when hiring a new colleague, improving your annual performance review, or explaining the healthcare contribution of your work. When we tell more our stories, we work everywhere to increase awareness and value of nurses, and we make a difference.

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